Maranatha Pointers – December 2022

During this month’s online gathering on Sunday 4th December, when we were united in the Lord’s presence, the following points emerged:

  • The Lord’s timing. We live in a time of great change, not just nationally but globally. Governments are paralysed and ineffective. Yet this is a kairos moment, heaven’s timing overtaking our times. The Lord has an agenda for His Kingdom here and this will emerge through the people of God speaking it into being. We should align ourselves with Him and prepare ourselves so that we’re ready for what He has to say.
  • The conflict. Lawlessness and wickedness are increasing as the work of God increases. 2 Thessalonians 2:6-8 speaks of a time like this. We need to focus on what God is doing – especially Isaiah 11:1-10, which speaks of a vision of God’s Kingdom. As we see events taking place we need gifts of discernment to navigate this season – and to reject worldly ways of assessing the situation.
  • Draw a line in the sand. One person spoke of drawing a line in the sand on the beach and then returning to it 15 minutes later to see if the tide was coming in or going out. A similar approach is needed here so that we can observe and discern what is happening.
  • The enemy is trying to silence God (a picture of a large megaphone being stifled). We recognise that the enemy is attempting to drown out the Lord’s voice; the media obstruct the truth and the church is also stifled when it fails to speak with one voice. The church needs to agree on the fundamentals of faith – eg. that Jesus is Lord – and speak this truth loudly and emphatically.
    A picture of a large boulder, holding back a build-up of water, emphasised the struggle.
  • Dealing with opposition. We received the word that there will be great opposition to the grace I desire to give as the enemy accuses us, both individually and corporately. We must deal with opposition from the ascended position to which we have been called, speaking against every blockage to bring release. Through us, the Lord’s word to the nation will be released and truth will be broadcast.
    Opposition increases as God moves. He is doing a great work (which is somehow linked to unity in the body of Christ). God is speaking right now, we need to pay attention and not allow ourselves to be distracted. The Lord is urging us to a new level of confidence in Him as the season changes.
  • It’s time for the Church to speak. We are part of a great company of saints, called to join together to speak the Lord’s word in the face of opposition. We should expect victory; it’s time to stop being on the defensive; we can stand up and speak up.
  • God has a strategy. We need to understand this, both individually and corporately. This strategy flows from the Holy Spirit and we need gifts of discernment to recognise and understand it. Unless these gifts are operating the strategic direction is stifled.
  • A clarion call is needed. We have a clear expectation of the Lord giving us this when we meet for the Maranatha weekend in January.
  • Remember Gideon! We were reminded that if only 3% of the population is active and vocal, it can be enough to change a nation.