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<p>Yes, Linda, thank you so much for posting this encouragement about UPrising Europe. As an "over 70" I was so thankful to be part of this event with so many on fire younger people! Worship is a key catalyst for prayer and prophetic intercession and I believe it is the way forward for God's people in the next season. So much will spring from the Holy Spirit's leading in this way to undergird mission and the spreading of the good news across Europe. Being together in worship across the generations is a wonderful blessing and my heart was impacted by the sense of unity that was present at UPrising Europe. The Presence of God was powerful and He graciously gave hope, expectation and excitement to our hearts. He has heard our prayers for revival!</p>
<p>I couldn't contain myself when I arrived home on Friday – that's what happens when the Lord baptises you with fire! On Saturday morning Roger and I drove 2 hours to a very run down Methodist Chapel in Aberfan, South Wales, to be part of "30 hours of worship, prayer and prophetic intercession" with a group of mainly young people, but other age groups too. We were there for the final 6 hours in worship and declaration – and I never left the room! Amazing sense of His Presence, just like UPrising…</p>
<p> We were invited to join this worship gathering by an unexpected email from a group of people called Worshipping Friends. Do check their website out. </p>
<p>They simply go wherever the Spirit leads them to worship and then invite others to join them there. </p>
<p>Be blessed, dear Maranatha brothers and sisters. And thank You to our wonderful Lord!</p>