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<p>Yes. Wonderful to be part of this in spirit. Only prayer will bring God's will into the mess of today in Europe, but already there are signs of hope.</p>

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UPRising Europe

<p>Marie, Kate Stanway, Thomas Manwell, Simon & Ria Willocq and I joined with 250 Christians from across Europe for 72 hours of worship and prayer last week. It was an inspirational time, led by members of the younger generation with the focus: 'For Prayer, For Unity, For a Continent'.  The vast majority of folk were under 40s and their passion to see God's Kingdom advanced again across our continent was humbling. We can certainly declare 'There IS hope for Europe!' A key part of their vision is UNITY – across generations, nations and denominations. As a Community we have endeavoured to support this strongly.</p>
<p>It is part of the <a href="">UPRising</a> movement, which was launched globally in Seoul, S Korea in 2016. At that gathering we had 6hrs worship at the border with N Korea, praying for 'One Korea'.  Look what has happened since then! There have been other regional gatherings, all initiated and led by young people since then including one, led by an 18 yr old girl, outside the Parliament building in Mongolia!</p>
<p>This is just the beginning of a movement, entirely motivated and empowered by Holy Spirit, to re-take Europe for Jesus.  I am very excited to be a part of it! </p>
<p>Take a look <a href="">here</a> to see a clip of our worship :)</p>