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<p>Update: Praise God! Rhona is doing well. Having been assessed at Manchester Royal Infirmary it has been decided she does not need a stent. There is evidence of a small area of heart muscle damage. She will return to Macclesfield hospital tomorrow. Please continue to pray for her full healing and protection from any complications.</p>

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Prayer for Rhona please

<p>There was a memorial service in Macclesfield today for our dear brother Jim Tryon, who died earlier this year. it was a wonderful testimony to him and the full life he led, loving and serving the Lord, during his 97 years. Rhona (Marshall) was speaking and, after she had given her tribute she became unwell. I was very glad to be there and to be able to advise that we should take her to the local hospital, where she has been assessed as having a possible heart attack. She is now on her way to Wythenshawe hospital in Manchester, where they expect to insert a stent into one of her coronary arteries (the blood supply to the heart). We praise God that his all happened in the 'best' place and time. Please pray that Rhona will know the Lord's peace and healing, for the Lord's Sovereign hand over all decisions and procedures and for his protection. Thank you.</p>