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<p>Thank you for sharing. It's like being in God's orchestra. You get the opportunity to really focus on the conductor, Jesus, as the lady did at the conference. You are silent, then suddenly he calls on you to play a major passage. If we are silent at the moment, remember we are actually in the orchestra. God may leave us silent, give us one note to play, or give us a lead passage. The important thing is to keep our eyes on the conductor. The single notes, the little things, are very important, as important as any major passage.</p>

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Giving God your "Yes" – Lisa Westlake from Vineyard

<p>This video is one lady's testimony to how God called her to help refugees from Syria though Community Sponsorship. (You may remember that Sean Ryan, who used to work in the Maranatha Office, pioneered this scheme within the Catholic Church, for which he received and MBE, and he's now the National Caritas Community Sponsorship Coordinator).</p>
<p>Lisa encourages us to listen for God's call on our lives, and not to ignore it. The question for each of us as Maranatha members, is what is God calling us to both as individuals and as a Community ?</p>