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<p>It was a joy to see you Linda and dear Jim at our monthly Group in Conwy.  You gave us so much.</p>
<p>My only regret that we didn't pray with you both.  I did so whilst walking this afternoon and asked</p>
<p>the Holy Spirit to use my prayers!   Sadly Diana whom we prayed for yesterday is now in hospital</p>
<p>and quite poorly – presumably an infection, but she didn't recognise Margaret this afternoon after</p>
<p>being dreadfully sick.   Please continue to pray for her.  much love Mavis x</p>

Original Post by Linda Stalley

Encouragement Visits

<p>Since our gathering in Leicester earlier this year, I have started to visit Maranatha members who have continued to meet in local groups: The Marches, Fermoy and Macroom (Co Cork) and, yesterday, Conwy. It has been a great joy to renew fellowship with Maranatha family members and to share the encouragement of what the Lord is doing. I am working my way through the country, so hope to see you soon! </p>