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Sorry about 'This is a test'

Hi All, Sorry you got a message from me saying “this is a test” where if you had clicked the link you'd have thought that the test had apparently failed, because the link is no-longer working!. I thought I had turned off the function which generates emails from posts like this before carrying out my test, then I did the test, then I deleted the test. After that I turned the email-generator back on, at which point it decided that it would then send out the email saying “this is a test” – which I never intended it to do!.

I will leave this explanation-topic live for a few days and then I'll delete it.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the gathering on March 2nd – we'll let you know the venue as soon as we've got it sorted.

One of the reasons for my original test was to see what happened when you add a picture to a topic, so here's a picture of the Maranatha bookshop “Taste & See”. If you're in the Manchester area do come and see us. For details and opening times see:

God Bless,