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Pray for Tony Hill

Our dear brother Tony was admitted to hospital in Birmingham on Friday with confusion.  At first it was thought this was due to a low sodium level – a side effect of drugs he has been prescribed.  However, I received an email from his daughter Rosemary tonight in which she says: “He is still in hospital and is very ill. He had a very bad night and they gave him a brain scan and have put him back on a drip and antibiotics which seem to have perked him up. (Giving both Mum and Dad hope again which had been very low) they want to do a lumber puncture but because of blood thinner tablets there is a risk so are waiting 24hours for them to be out of his system so hopefully this procedure will be in the morning and that will help to pin point the infection so it can be properly treated. Please pray specifically for that.”

Let's pray for the Lord's healing for Tony and peace for Elaine (his wife), Rosemary and her husband Craig.

Thank you