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New item from Christopher Smith

Extremist Islamic schools proliferating in Britain

Whilst trawling the nation's newspaper websites the other day, I came across this article:

I was shocked – if not entirely surprised – at the number of these institutions that are committed to beliefs and practices that repudiate both Christianity and the democratic character of our country. My own city, Nottingham, is benighted spiritually and, it transpires, has four of these schools. 'Go figure', as my American friends say.

The Daily Mail has a reputation for excitable journalism, one must admit; however, it is a secular newspaper and, therefore, has no obvious axe to grind. For this reason, we should take this report seriously – I hope that it will be taken up elsewhere but so many media outlets will not take on Islamism whether through political correctness or fear.

Prayer is the great weapon at our disposal in the spiritual war – and all that denies or demeans Jesus is part of the battle. A word of warning: if you feel like praying into/against these centres of anti-Christian learning, it is a good idea not to do this alone. Here, we make this kind of prayer in groups and often over maps – where individual areas can be targetted more safely. First, however, please do place yourselves at the foot of the Cross and under the Blood of Jesus.

It is quite clear to me that 'Death of God' secularism and militant Islamism are twin forces of destruction ranged against Jesus Christ and His followers. So we do need to take this on (see Ephesians 6) but, I repeat, please take care.

In the name of Jesus Christ.